BitComet 1.70

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BitComet is a fast and easy-to-use BitTorrent / HTTP / FTP client that helps you maximize the BitTorrent file sharing protocol, which aims to provide high download speeds with a reasonable impact on system resources. BitComet supports simultaneous downloads, DHT networks (without trackers), download queues, selected downloads in Torrent packages, quick resumes, disk caching, speed limits, automatic port mapping, proxy, and IP filtering.

This application is one of the top players in this special category, but is still struggling to face competition and meet the highest expectations of users. Like all other BitTorrent clients, the main goal is to download files at a very high speed and achieve this. What distinguishes it from similar clients is its stability, support for HTTP / FTP, torrent exchanges and anonymous downloads.

The interface does not have an original design, so it can be said, because it resembles many other torrent clients. However, using it is not rocket science if you are familiar with BitTorrent clients. It can be complicated for beginners and the user interface is outdated. In addition, clients do not provide chat features and advertisements can interfere. This coupled with a decrease in the user base means that other stronger clients can be preferred.

Another downside is that the uninstall procedure isn’t too clean. The application directory remains the same as the registry entry even though you can delete the previous one manually.

Why Choose BitComet?

  • Long-Time Seeding: Speed up downloads and revive dead torrents
  • Sharing Torrent: Exchange torrents when downloading
  • URI Magnet: Start downloading BitTorrent without the .torrent file again, using the DHT network.
  • Preview when Downloading: Preview .avi .rmvb .wmv and other video files available during the download process.
  • Download Crose Protocol: Benefit from HTTP / FTP / emule download sources when downloading BitTorrent.
  • Align File to Piece Boundary: It’s better to create a torrent, fully compatible with the old version.
  • Intelligent Connection Optimization: Configuration is automatically set to fit your connection type.
  • Intelligent Disk Cache: Reduce the read and write frequency of hard drive device and increasing its life.
  • Intelligent Disk Allocation: Reduces disk fragmentation.

Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Download: BitComet 1.70 | 22.3 MB – Freeware

Author: BitComet Team