CCleaner 5.79


CCleaner is a free system optimization tool, privacy and cleaning tool for window PC platform. It will removes any unused files from your PC system that allowing your windows system to run faster and making hard disk space freeing up. It can also cleans your online activities traces like your Internet history. Additionally it include a registry cleaner tool.

Starting at the version 4.18, CCleaner allows you to set up  monitoring and cleaning automaticaly for both Internet browsers and your PC system. For example, when you close an Internet browser, CCleaner will perform an automatic cleaning of such browser files, or it can ask you before whether you want to continue run such cleaning task.

One reason why CCleaner become one of the best PC optimization tool entired world is easy to use, simply one click even beginners can perform cleaning to optimize their window system.

Malicious websites and advertisers can track your behavior online with its cookies that stay on your computer system. CCleaner can solve this with removes your browser search history and cookies so any online browsing you do would stays confidential and your identity remains safe.

Features and Highlights:

Favorite PC Optimization tool
Trusted and used by millions user entire world. One of the reason why the app is became the world’s favorite PC optimization tool, Easy to use, just one click cleaning so even beginners can optimize their PCs in few seconds and packed with other advanced features.

Faster Computer
CCleaner cleans up unused files that reside on your PC and makes it run faster instantly.

Safer Browsing
Websites track your online activity with cookies that left on your computer. CCleaner cleans such cookies and browser search history, so any internet browsing you do remains confidential and your identity is anonymous.

Reduce Errors & Crashes
Using of the computer continuously make its registry can become cluttered because of errors and broken settings which causing to crashes. CCleaner’s registry cleaner clears out this clutter to make your PC works more stable.

Faster Startup
When you start up your PC. Many programs without known run silently in the background. This app can helps you to disable unneeded programs.

Requirements: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64

Download: CCleaner 5.79 | 30.0 MB – Freeware

Author: Piriform