Combofix is a smart tool which designed to scan a computer to identifies spyware and malware then remove them. It’s known for its speed and effectiveness. always gives a result in a complex cleaning process and detailed report of the analysis because it performs in-depth scans.

Combofix is designed specially for expert users, computer technicians and system administrators, it is not designed to be used by beginners, because it can cause serious damage to the computer, where the system can become unbootable. In other words, Combofix can become the best tool and safest results only if in the right hands.

Although carrying out tasks that are so complex and must be handled very carefully, it is not difficult to accommodate them in the system. Additionally, it backs up the registry, as well as system restore points, if a crash occurs.

Please note that during the scanning / cleaning process, Combofix removes files from three locations, namely Temporary Internet Files, Recycle Bin and Temp Folder, a wise step is to back up this type of data before you run the application.

Depending on the condition, the scanning process will takes about ten minutes if the infection is mild, but can extend to a much greater time frame if the computer is filled with severe threats. One of the biggest excellences of Combofix is its ability to detect a combination of spyware and malware threats, keeping your computer clean since it was first run.

Although Combofix is a powerful tool, there aren’t many choices to choose from and can be confusing for beginners. This is not an application that you should try to use if you don’t have experience with this type of software or if you don’t have someone there who are more experienced to help you.

Overall, Combofix is a good application to supplement standard system cleaners and anti-virus, and keep your PC running smoothly.

Download: ComboFix | 5.4 MB – Freeware

Author: sUBs