CopyQ 4.1.0


CopyQ is an advanced clipboard software for Windows. This allows you to save more than one default item to the clipboard which is the limit for Windows. Every time you copy or cut something, it will be saved to the expanded tool clipboard, both the file and the text can be saved. From then on, you can manage items from the clipboard, paste, delete, and group. CopyQ Free Download the Latest Version for Windows PCs. This is the CopyQ full offline settings installer.

At startup, CopyQ creates an icon in the taskbar notification area and immediately starts recording Clipboard content. It is possible to move any selected entry to the Clipboard to make it an active clip, remove ir from the history list, and view the content in detail.

In addition, you can export tabs to files, edit text, make notes, and import them later, set global shortcuts, manage processes, disable Clipboard storage, create multiple tabs, sort selected items in descending or ascending order, and so on. .

CopyQ allows you to change UI language, wrap long texts, make a fixed frame above other windows, disable confirmation dialogs when exiting, adjust window transparency when focused and out of focus, toolbars, hide tabs, tray icons and toolbar labels, specify the maximum number clip to save in history list, specify an external editor, change the notification position, adjust colors for all UI elements, and more.

Items can be:
  • Edited with the internal editor or with a selected text editor
  • Move to another tab
  • Drag to application
  • Marked with tags or notes
  • Pass or be changed by special orders
  • Or simply deleted
Features and Highlights:
  • Support for Linux, Windows and OS X 10.9+
  • Save text, HTML, images or other special formats
  • Browse and filter items quickly in the clipboard history
  • Sort, create, edit, delete, copy / paste, drag items on the tab
  • Add notes or tags to items
  • System-wide shortcuts with customizable commands
  • Glue items with shortcuts or from the tray or main window
  • Appearance is fully customizable
  • Command line interface and advanced scripts
  • Ignore clipboards copied from multiple windows or contain some text
  • Support for editors and shortcuts such as simple Vim
  • Many more features.

Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Download: CopyQ 4.1.0 | 13.7 MB – Open Source

Author: CopyQ Team