Data Crow 4.2.2


Data Crow is videos, books, pictures, games, software, and music catalogs. This application uses online services such as Amazon, IMDB and others for file information (mp3, divx, etc.). DataCrow is highly customizable according to your needs.

Crow data allows you to create a large database that contains all the media that you can collect. This application allows you to use online services to gather information that you need instead of typing all the information yourself.

DataCrow also allows for special modules; You can make your own module. This module can then be exported by navigating to the Module menu> Export Module Wizard. Export files can then be imported to other Crow Data installs; Module menu> Import Module Wizard.

Want to always manage all your collections in one product? Do you want a product that you can customize to your needs? Your search ends here! Using Data Crow allows you to catalog all your collections, no matter how large your collection is. By using excellent online services, you can immediately retrieve information about your books, software, games and movies. This information, combined with file import, can parse information from your e-books, software, images, music files and movies, meaning you won’t do a lot of typing.

Do you collect something that is not (fully) covered by one of the standard collection modules? No problem! Customize existing modules by adding fields that you need or creating your own modules completely. Once your collection is in Data Crow, you can even run your own server and allow your family and friends to view information via the web or even by using the full Data Crow client.

Features and Highlights:

Standard Collection Module
Catalog, film, music, pictures and books. These modules, such as their calls, are provided with each release.

Create a New Collection Module
Create your own collection module, directly from inside the software. Export your module to share it with your friends and family. You can even modify existing modules.

Loan Administration
With Loan Administration, you can track who has borrowed your items and when they have to return them.

Online services
Why do you type the information yourself, when Data Crow can find information about Software, Movies, Books and Music using one of the standard Online Services (such as,, and many others).

It offers various basic reports. For reporting, the strength of JasperReports is used. Try one of the standard reports or create a new one yourself using the free Jaspersoft Studio software.

Web server
The program server allows you to make information available via the web. The embedded Tomcat web server keeps your data reliable and reliable.

Application Server
The server is also a capable application server. Enjoy the full feature set of applications while working together on the same Crow Data server.

Download: Data Crow 4.2.2 | 83.85 MB – Open Source

Author: Robert-Jan van der Waals