KeeWeb 1.15.7


KeeWeb is an elegant and free cross-platform password manager software. The best password manager desktop application makes it easy to store and secure passwords online or offline.

KeeWeb undergoes an efficient installation process, after which you can immediately start using it without much effort. After launching the application, you meet a well-organized main window and a sleek user interface.

Learning to use KeeWeb is very easy especially if you have experience use KeePass. Of course, it also requires a primary password which can also be replaced with a key file.

Features and Highlights

Desktop app for all platforms
Desktop applications look beautiful on every platform: macOS, Windows and Linux. You can open local files in the Desktop application.

Offline web application
The web version has almost all the features available in the desktop application. It does not require any installation and works in all modern browsers.

Switch between dark and light themes, which one do you prefer.

Favorite color
Mark items with color and easily find them using the Color tab.

Supports multiple files
Open multiple files, search for any entry or view all items from all files as one list.

One search for all files
Searching works for all files, all from one search box.

Dropbox sync
Access files from Dropbox, sync them across devices automatically at every changes.

Easy tag input
Add tags to organize entries. Select quickly on the list or add a new one.

Drag and drop
Drop entry entries and database files directly into the application.

Protected field
Fields can be hidden when you need them. Also, they will be stored in memory in a way that is safer than ordinary fields.

Password generator
Generate a password of the desired length, only with the symbol you want.

Offline Access
Files are stored for offline use, even those opened from Dropbox. You can always access the offline version, changes will be synchronized automatically the next time you go online.

Mobile browser support
View details and copy passwords using a mobile browser.

Entry icon
Select an icon from the predetermined set of high resolution icons, download the website favicon or use your own icon.

Automatic Updates
Desktop applications can update themselves. There are several options: update and install, show notifications or disable updates altogether.

Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Download: KeeWeb 1.15.7 (32-bit) | 49.9 MB – Open Source

Download: KeeWeb 1.15.7 (64-bit) | 51.7 MB – Open Source

Author: Antelle