MediaPortal 2.2.3


MediaPortal is an application that promises to bring any media in high quality, with lots of control, allows you to turn your PC into a complete media solution. Like Home Theater with audio streaming throughout your home, digital photo albums to manage all your webcam photos and videos, access to web streams and information such as weather, news or sports. Completely replace TV and radio. Although most of the media can be easily accessed via the Internet. With MediaPortal (MP) you can comfortably to do all this.

During installation process you can go through a basic setup process where settings are configured automatically, or you can choose advanced options that allow you to select what the services and elements that you want to use on your system.

In terms of appearance, MediaPortal shines, placing a very detailed interface that you want, called Titan. The interface can also be adjusted, choose the type of display for categories, as well as handle background images and items that will appear in the main menu.

Watch and Record TV
Watch live TV or record on any network PC. You can do all that TiVO can do, and more, but it’s free! Use the TV guide to group your channels, view details of upcoming programs and broadcasts, or list of programs recorded or scheduled.

Watch videos and DVDs
Browse all your films, videos and DVDs, with front cover and details. Then watch them with exceptional quality playback.

Listening to music
Listen to all of your music using high-quality Bass effects, or your own player. See artist pictures and details, album covers, and fanart backgrounds. Arrange, organize, and view your music in whatever way you like.

Listening to the radio
Listen to the music through FM or web Radio on your PC, even on your network, and record them as your favorite programs.

Check Weather & More
Get weather data for as many cities as you like, anywhere in the world, and see satellite weather images.

Control from a distance
You can also navigate the application menu with the help of the remote control. You can set configuration from the setting window, through Microsoft MCE, X10, Hauppauge general HID, Sceneo, FireDTV and IRTrans being the available options.

Download: MediaPortal 2.2.3 | 140.87 MB – Open Source

Author: MediaPortal Team