Panda Cloud Cleaner 1.1.10

Panda Cloud Cleaner Screenshot

Panda Cloud Cleaner is a powerfull disinfector tool based on Collective Intelligence (scanning in the cloud) that detects malware that cannot be detected by traditional security solutions. Choose antivirus protection that best suits your needs and enjoy your digital life safely with Panda Dome!

Panda Cloud Cleaner will make an adorable title for children’s books, but it’s based on Intel Collective Intelligence of the cloud, so it’s more like sci-fi. Actually, this is a free anti-malware utility with cloud-sourced updates and definitions, which means timely detection and prevention of threats. We are against viruses and other malware, so Cloud Cleaner claims to detect malware that is not noticed by other tools. You will need an active Internet connection, and not just for updates: Panda Cloud Cleaner sends your scanning data to the cloud for analysis. This is anonymous and helps contain malware before it can spread, but you have to be careful in case of problems.

We click Accept and Scan to finish installing Panda Cloud Cleaner. Unlike other similar programs that start scanning as soon as you open it, Panda scanning only starts when you request it. The Cloud Cleaner Advanced Tool allows us to Kill All Processes (Drastically!) And Unlock Files (and send files to Panda) but there is no list of exceptions or similar options: Everything is in the hands of online experts, it should be. Cloud Cleaner takes time to scan a PC as a normal anti-malware tool, and the process is the same until Cloud Cleaner transmits your scanning data to the cloud to check the latest definitions. The process does not take long, but a slow or unreliable Internet connection can be a problem. We can review program findings and select items before cleaning. We chose everything except the game mouse profile to clean. We are not happy that Cloud Cleaner requires a reboot system to complete the work, but we reject Panda’s request to call a toll-free number to “complete the removal process.”

Before we reboot, we run a number of similar tools, which return the same results; not identical. If Panda CloudCleander’s intimate Web integration and “call me!” The hook doesn’t bother you, it can function as part of a comprehensive anti-malware front.

Download: Panda Cloud Cleaner 1.1.10 | 36.4 MB – Freeware

Author: Panda Security