Process Hacker 3.0.3249 Nightly


Process Hacker is a free and open source application that allows you to see all the processes that your system is running. This application is a powerful multipurpose tool that can be used instead of Windows Task Manager.

This will help you with debugging, malware detection and system monitoring. The Process Hacker includes features such as powerful process termination, memory viewing / editing and other unique and special features.

The Process Hacker gives you a detailed overview of your system activities by highlighting processes in a variety of colors. You can also view your system resources through graphs and statistics.

Even though your operating system is equipped with important utilities that let you see the distribution of resources and stop the process, this application does it a little better. Running it brings up the main window, equipped with all the available features.

The amount of info may seem overwhelming at first, but the clever design allows you to quickly accommodate and see only interesting items. By default, processes are listed in the tree view, which offers neat info about relationships. In addition, categories are highlighted in various colors for easy identification, such as yellow GUI Threads, or blue system processes.

A useful feature that comes with this application is the “Information System” window. Pressing a special button displays an update graph almost every time from resource consumption. You can view CPU, Memory, GPU, Disk and Network, while setting the time interval at which the graph will be updated.

In addition, hovering your mouse over it will show which applications are taking advantage of certain resources and at what time. In addition, for more CPUs, you can create separate graphics for each core.

Additionally, you can view and manage services from separate tabs, network-related events, and services that put pressure on your hard disk drive. The resource usage icon can be activated in the system tray to keep it under control, and you can also manage your computer’s power options.

The Process Hacker also allows you to copy data and show you symbolic access masks. This application is customizable and open source, so you can modify it and distribute it. Overall, this application has an easy to navigate user interface that is combined with many advanced features.

Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Download: Process Hacker 3.0.3249 Nightly | 8.4 MB – Open Source

Download: Process Hacker 3.0.3249 Nightly (Portable) | 5.9 MB – Open Source

Download: Process Hacker 2.39 | 2.16 MB – Open Source

Author: Wen Jia Liu (wj32)