PureRef 1.11.1

PureRef Screenshot

PureRef is a lightweight photo manager and organizer application for Windows PC that was built from the ground up to provide streamlined and fast photo library management to painters, web designers, and anyone who has built a large collection of photos. It promotes fast photo discovery, fast access to a wide array of basic and useful tools, and an easy way to access photos no matter how many albums and libraries are accessed. Developed by Idyllic Pixel, this graphics utility has received numerous updates that have made it one of the most useful tools for home users, students, and professionals who want to organize their inspiration and speed up their creative process. By optimizing the process of photo management, the PureRef app enables artists and professionals to move away from finding inspiration in dozens of browser tabs and move to a more streamlined experience where inspiration is just one look away.

The app design PureRef for PC is not what you may initially expect. Upon starting it, it shows on your desktop as a featureless dark floating area. To create your new photo library or mood board, the user simply needs to drag and drop pictures on it, and then arrange them into the desired position. The pictures can be zoomed, moved, rotated and the entire canvas area can be reduced in intensity by lowering its opacity. This simple approach of making mood boards and photo walls can greatly help artists in helping them organize their inspirations and always keep it close in the view. To make the process of art creation as easiest as possible, users can even drag and drop photos from PureRef mood bard directly into the editor app (such as Photoshop).

The interface of PureRef is minimalistic, unobtrusive, and in fact, it appears only when you actively want to interact with it. In general use, the dark canvas is empty and hosts only images. If you do want to interact with these tools, they are always available via the right mouse click dropdown menu. The app allows adding quick notes, desaturation toggle, align image tools, and a wide variety of image sorting modes.

PureRef comes in a small installer, but once installed it becomes a portable application that can be easily copied to any other storage device. This makes it perfect for users who want to bring their mood boards and image albums with them on an external HDD or USB stick.

Requirements: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Download: PureRef 1.11.1 | 8.18 MB – Freeware

Author: Idyllic Pixel