qBittorrent is a lightweight and free BitTorrent transfer protocol client software. This powerful and easy-to-use program allows managing file sharing with an attractive and functional interface. However, even though the application’s interface is simple, its range of features is very broad, allowing users to search torrents through integrated search engines, controlling their downloads through an excellent web interface, RSS support, support for port forwarding with UPnP and NAT-PMP standards, IP filters, all of the most widely used Bittorent extensions.

The qBittorrent was designed to provide an alternative to Free Software for μtorrent. qBittorrent is a sophisticated multi-platform BitTorrent client and with a good user interface and Web UI for remote control and integrated search engines into the application.

You can carry out simultaneous searches and per category specific search queries for various types of files and multimedia.

qBittorrent aims to help the users to make easier in their jobs while using as little CPU and memory resource as possible. qBittorrent is an Open Source project, in which anyone can and allowed contribute to it. qBittorent is designed for both downloading and creating torrents.

This software comes with a clean interface that is easy to use, thanks to an intuitive layout.

This application allows simultaneous downloads of many files. However, when you choose to do this, keep in mind the available internet connection bandwidth. The amount of time needed to download a file might be much longer if there are too many items in the list.

The download files are displayed in a list along with the name, size, download status, number of seeds and peers and download speed. Other columns can be added from the right-click menu. The process can be paused or continued at will. Additionally, you can limit download and upload speeds, and share rates.

qBittorrent allows you to create torrent files. The process is simple and only requires you to select a file or folder from your disk and fill in several fields, such as the tracking URL, web seed URL, and comments. Files can be directly uploaded or set as “Private”.

Built by talented volunteers and very reactive to the desires of the community, q Bittorrent today is one of the best software solutions for sharing files via the BitTorrent protocol.

Requirements: Windows XP 64 / Vista 64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64

Download: qBittorrent (32-bit) | 23.09 MB – Open Source

Download: qBittorrent (64-bit) | 25.49 MB – Open Source

Author: qBittorrent Team