RememBear is a friendly software that stores and recharges your password to save time and keep you safe online! The easiest way to remember and recharge all your passwords! Don’t let the cute Bear fool you, RememBear for Desktop uses advanced technology that is very safe! Engineered so that you, and only you, can see sensitive data and powerful AES256 encryption! Public and independent code audit for its security. RememBear for PC is available wherever you go, cellular or desktop. Simple, safe, and handsome. It’s time to put Bear on your PC and start securing your password.

When you add a new password to your account, it encrypts the stored data using your Main Password, the password you enter every time you open your RememBear key. Choosing a strong and unique Primary Password to protect your RememBear is an important step in maintaining the security of your password. To strengthen this point, It provides tips and evaluation bars to show how secure your Master password is when you set up your account.

Designing the RememBear as an implementation of end-to-end encryption, gives us the opportunity to consider all threats that password managers can face when storing and synchronizing logins between devices and servers, which we secure but don’t believe.

RememBear Features:

Friendly design, easy to approach
This is very simple, even a bear can use it.

Enter faster
Let Bear type your password and enter the website with.

Checkout online is faster
Automatic access and refill your credit card and never get off the couch when shopping.

Never forget your password
Save your password in one place and say goodbye to resetting a password that can’t stand.

Keep sensitive notes
A place for records that need Bear protection.

Access everywhere
Passwords are synchronized automatically on all your computers, mobile phones and tablets.

Download: RememBear (32-bit) | 45.7 MB – Freeware

Download: RememBear (64-bit) | 46.8 MB – Freeware

Author: TunnelBear Inc.