Rufus 3.13.1730

Rufus screenshot

Rufus is a small utility software that helps you to format and Create Bootable USB Flash Drive such as USB keys or pendrives, and memory sticks. Rufus can be useful for cases where you need to create USB bootable installation drive from an ISO file for Windows, Linux, and UEFI. To work on a PC system without an OS installed, To run a low-level utility, and to flash a BIOS or other firmware from DOS .

This tool is wrapped in a user-friendly interface that resembles the Format panel found in the Windows default feature. You can choose the device, partition scheme and target system type, file system type (FAT32, NTFS, UDF, exFAT), cluster size, and new volume label.

The connected device is detected and selected from the drop-down menu. Be sure to save all important data, because the USB drive is formatted and everything is deleted in the process.

Basic formatting options allow you to check for bad device blocks and choose an algorithm type (from 1 to 4 tracks). Plus, you can set a fast format mode, create expanded label files and icons, and create bootable disks using ISO or various other types of disk images.

Advanced tweaks can list fixed (non-flash) Rufus or non-partitioned USB flash disks, add improvements to the old BIOS (eg additional partitions), and you can use Rufus MBR with the selected BIOS ID.

The program records all activities into a separate panel, and that can be saved to the LOG file. It performs formatting tasks quickly and is error-free, using low system resources.
Rufus provides everything that you need, and Rufus run fast. When you create a DOS bootable media , Rufus will  select a keyboard layout according to the locale of your system when you use a non-US keyboard layout. Many languages are supported include: Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Ceština, Dansk, English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Hrvatski, Italiano, etc.

This can be very useful for cases where:

  • You need to make USB installation media from bootable ISOs (Windows, Linux, UEFI, etc.)
  • You need to work on a system that does not have an OS installed
  • You need to install BIOS or another firmware from DOS
  • You want to run a low-level utility

Requirements: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64

Download: Rufus 3.13.1730 | 1.1 MB – Open Source

Download: Rufus 3.13.1730 (Portable) | 1.1 MB – Open Source

Author: Pete Batard