Screen To Gif 2.31

Screen To Gif Screenshot

Screen To Gif is an open source program that allows you to record selected areas on your screen, feed directly from your webcam or draw directly from a sketch. After that, you can edit and save the animation as a GIF or video. There is also a Webcam Recorder and Board Recorder.

The application records the current display screen, saves each screenshot as a frame and allows the user to edit these images before generating the output file.

One of the great features of this tool is that the “Editor” is very strong and allows a lot of user adjustments.

Short text descriptions or captions can be entered. The great function is that the user has full control over the display timer. For example, people can create animations that display certain messages for only a few frames.

Importing or exporting frames can also be supported, which means that general images (BMP, JPG, GIF, and PNG) can be included in the newly created animation.

Screen To Gif is packed with functionality that ordinary users say and continues to be very pleasant. There are many features to add certain flavors to the output file and a clean interface is perfect for the work being done.

About downloading, Screen to GIF is a program that is not too heavy that does not require much free space than many software in the Design & software section of photography. This is very widely used in countries such as Pakistan, India and Indonesia.

The key Features:

  • Record your screen and save it directly to looped gif animation or video.
  • Pause and continue to record or restart by removing the recording.
  • You can add Text, Text, Title Frames, Borders, Watermarks, Images, etc.
  • Crop and Resize.
  • Remove the frame you don’t want.
  • Select a folder to save files automatically or select one before coding.
  • Add the system cursor to your recording.
  • Very small and portable executable size.
  • Open source application and it’s free, without any ads!
  • 3 ways to record your content: Screen, Webcam and Sketchboard.
  • A powerful editor with many options! You can edit your recordings or even edit gif from other sources.
  • The output can export as Gif, Video or save as a project to edit later.
  • Clean and consistent interface, powered by WPF.
  • More than 18 different languages. Automatically detects your system language, defaults to English.
  • Lots of choices. You can even change the color of the recorder.

Requirements: Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Download: Screen To Gif 2.31 | 3.5 MB –  Open Source

Author: Nicke Manarin