SeaTools for Windows is one of powerful Seagate’s utilities collection that oriented for testing ATA, USB, SATA and SCSI drives from several problems such as virus threats, hardware conflicts, and corruption.

To finish this complex task, this includes a series of tests in order to diagnose the health condition of all internal and external devices, whether they’re Seagate drives or not. This means that the goal is for any modern drive, whatever the manufacturer.

SeaTools for Windows has a user-friendly and professional looking interface with several menus where you can choose a rich collection of diagnosis utilities.

When you launch, this program will automatically detects the installed drive (both internal and external), along with important information of drives such as drive model number, firmware version and its status (which tells you whether the device is ready to be tested or is still undergoing identification).

At this step, select the drive you want to be tested and select a tool that is available inside the Basic Tests menu. The S.M.A.R.T. Check and the Short Drive Self-Test take the least,and both of them will tell you if your drive runs under good parameters, but without providing a detailed report in this regard.

A more in-depth assessment of your drive configuration can be done with a Long Generic or Advanced Utility test of SeaTools for Windows, but be careful because this is a very long process and some of it can even result in data loss (you are actually warned about this before).

Some other important features include a boot drive property report, a test to determine which antivirus software is currently installed, and a series of shortcuts that launch standard Windows utilities such as System Properties, System Info, Device Manager, and Disk Management.

Considering all of the above, SeaTools for Windows is clearly aimed at an experimental audience. The use of such applications improper or incorrectly can cause severe damage.

Download: SeaTools | 24.8 MB – Freeware

Author: Seagate