Vagrant 2.2.16

Vagrant Screenshot

Vagrant provides constant, simple work flow despite your role as a developer, operator, or designer. It leverages a declarative configuration file that describes all of your code needs, packages, software package configuration, users, and more.

The cost of fixing a bug exponentially will increase the nearer it gets to production. Vagrant for PC aims to mirror production environments by providing constant software package, packages, users, and configurations, all whereas giving users the flexibleness to use their favorite editor, IDE, and browser. It conjointly integrates along with your existing configuration management toolings like Ansible, Chef, Docker, Puppet or Salt, therefore you’ll be able to use constant scripts to configure Vagrant as production.

This can facilitate maximize productivity and suppleness for the developers and their corresponding development groups.

The utility can isolate dependencies and their configuration and this can be achieved with one disposable, consistent setting.

One should note but, that the essential tools that ar needed in development environments, like editors, browsers or debuggers, won’t be excluded from the moveable environments.

The main interface presents itself as a command-line primarily based console that gives multiple switches that may be used for dominant the behavior of the appliance.

The program run on Windows, macOS, Linux, and more. Remote development environments force users to convey up their favorite editors and programs. It works on your native system with the tools you are already conversant in. simply code in your favorite text editor, edit images in your favorite manipulation program, and rectify victimization your favorite tools, all from the comfort of your native portable computer.

Vagrant is trustworthy by thousands of developers, operators, and designers everyday. Here ar simply many of the organizations that opt for the app to alter their development environments, in light-weight and reproducible ways that.

Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Download: Vagrant 2.2.16 (32-Bit) | 235 MB – Freeware

Download: Vagrant 2.2.16 (64-Bit) | 240 MB – Freeware

Download: Vagrant 2.2.16 (Mac) | 28.2 MB – Freeware

Author: HashiCorp