VeraCrypt 1.24 Update 7


VeraCrypt is a disk encryption program for Windows that allows you to create encrypted disk volumes and mount them on your system.

The application use several wizard functions, which can help you in doing process. Also, it offers several encryption methods, and you can choice the most suitable one.

This security method used for system and partition encryption making it immune to new developments in brute-force attacks. This application can create several additional partitions on your computer, which you can mount or dismount whenever you want.

This program can generate new encrypted file containers or encrypt existing ones, such as non-system partitions or entire system drives. Completely information will be available along the process, and you can select the suitable options for your need.

VeraCrypt allows you to use a combined protection algorithm to get a high level of security for containers. The actual partition is stored as a file in the location indicated and encrypted, using the selected algorithm.

This is a very secure method of data encryption security because any data that is stored on encrypted volumes cannot be read (decrypted) without using the correct password or the correct encryption key. The entire file system is encrypted (e.g. File names, folder names, contents of each file, meta data, free space, etc.) to give you as much security as possible.

This security method adds some delay only to the opening of the encrypted partition without any performance impact on the application usage phase.

VeraCrypt is a TrueCrypt-based disk encryption tool that has been designed to give you better security with the data that you want to encrypt. It’s relatively lightweight, and has an easy to use interface.

This can be accepted by the rightful owner but it makes the attacker much more difficult to get access to the encrypted data. This application can mount TrueCrypt volumes. It can also convert it to the VeraCrypt format.

Requirements: Windows 8 / Windows 10

Download: VeraCrypt 1.24 Update 7 | 34.52 MB – Open Source

Author: IDRIX