WashAndGo 22 (26.43) Build 17

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WashAndGo cleans up your system and will increase the system speed, your system becomes a lot of stable and faster! WashAndGo removes net traces, e.g. browser caches, cookies, or extra waste knowledge. Your Windows pc must be maintained and clean frequently. The program has been there to assist you with it for over twenty years. it’s discharged in an exceedingly new and optimized version each year.

It conjointly likes to require care of cookies, the cache, and your browser history, of the “last altered files” history of over five hundred applications and of Word, Excel, or PowerPoint data. This clean-up provides your system an extra purge. Also, non-public „fingerprints“ left by the user square measure removed this manner.

WashAndGo cleans the system at the press of a mouse, however conjointly totally mechanically if requested. A backup, that is formed mechanically, makes positive all changes will be undone anytime. Also, the tool calculates the drive usage and points a finger at particularly giant folders. associate degree uninstaller removes programs that don’t seem to be required any longer. Sensitive files will be deleted with the device in order that nobody will recover them.

Removes traces
The tool removes net traces: the browser cache, cookies, browser history, and lots of a lot of traces of the foremost common browsers.

Scans the written account for errors
Changing entries at intervals your written account will quickly finish in catastrophes if you’re not associate degree professional. SmartClean feature protects you from this by solely improvement and correcting entries that square measure garbage. None of your operating entries are going to be touched.

Corrects system errors
The app is in a position to notice system errors and proper them. Your computer can become a lot of stable. the subsequent errors will be recognized and corrected: defective shortcuts, Windows written account errors, parentless entries in your recent files folder, and wrong uninstall entries in Windows.

Safety 1st
It will solely counsel the removal of a file or entry if it will be nearly 100% sure that it’s extra and will be safely deleted. simply just in case a haul would possibly arise, Wash AndGo will produce a security backup that permits you to undo any and every one changes for a amount of seven days once improvement.

Requirements: Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64

Download: WashAndGo 22 (26.43) Build 17 | 26.9 MB – Trial

Author: Abelssoft